Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seven THings

So I got tagged by Kane Rizzel for this 7 questions do-dad, so here goes, I have no one to tag and TBH everyone else has seen the rules so i'm gonna jump straight in.

1) I'm British, living in the USA married to someone of russian descent.

2) I speak 2 languages, English and BAD ENGLISH, sadly the latter is usually my default one.

3) I work as in web production and am a HTMl, PHP, CSS codemonkey

4) I can make my wrists crack on request, (ankles too!)

5) I play Guitar (poorly) and am currently taking lessons (am improving!)

6) If you havn't relized already I am the most BORING shy individual ever to grace this ball of rock, I overcompensate for this by talking to much on ventrillo.

7) some of you may be shocked to hear my name ISN'T Jorge, George or anything similar.

and there we go.

on Normal Eve fronts last week was a stunning sweet victory for the Bastards, we killed a LOT of stuff (over 10 BILLION in just ship hulss, not to mention mods) and I have been pretty lucky on the solo front, I lost a fair few ships but I finall killed the one ship i'm afraid of; the Wolf, its a real tough nut to crack as its resists are the perfect ememy to Amarr Lasers. BUT I managed to take it down before I ran out of armor which I am eternally grateful for!

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