Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quiet Times

Heimatar and Metro have been pretty quiet in the last couple of days, so no real interesting kills to report, so sadly i'm going to regale you about skill that have finished.

my training has not been optimized to well, so I have mest some of my core training alone for to long, 5 days ago I recieved a level 5 Amarr cruiser license which I was particuarly pleased with, this was the final missing piece in being able to pilot Amarr Heavy Assult Ships, so with that in place I returned to core skills, fast forward 5 days to today and I have just finished Electronics 5,  yes people It took me 7 months of pilotting to finally finish Electronics 5 becoming the 16th skill to be maxed out at level 5....

I am now working on getting more out of my stock ships systems, Energy Grid upgrades, Energy Systems Operation and Energy Management are being pored over and studied. and before the year is up I hope to get those to a compitent level. to long have I neglected my studys in these invaluable areas.

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