Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dark Omen Chapter 2

The Hanger was finally busy. People were running around frantically unloading the Bestower that an associate had docked into my hanger delivering the few ships I had placed in Deep storage.

Thankfully, I was not amid the chaos on the hanger floor, I was safely alone in my private observation deck a hundred meters above everything else. A quiet place I knew I could be away from everyone and not worry. I watched as ‘Sabre’ My Malediction Interceptor was placed on the markings. Sabre had always been my Experimentally fit Malediction. Always sporting top of the range Pirate and Navy modules it was the pinnacle of how I used the Malediction as a solo ship.

The Next out of the Bestower’s massive hold was my Succubus ‘Darkness’. My whole body tightened as my eyes wandered over its dull black hull, sensor and communication arrays menacingly jutting out of the bow like a spine of deadly spikes. Despite its unspeakable origins I always slipped into controlling it much easier than any ship. This ship and I shared an almost mythical, unspoken link and I hated the ship for it. How it took over me so well.

From behind me I hear the lock on the balcony’s portal quietly beep, indicating that someone was trying to gain access. Quietly I stood and walked over to it pulling my sidearm from it’s holder, just as I had gotten it raised to head level the door beeped an acceptance code and started to swing open.

Just as I’m about to squeeze the trigger I feel a lithe arm snake around my ribs and a cruelly wicked barbed knife being pressed against the front of my throat. I slowly raise my arms and thumbing the safety I drop the blaster pistol to the floor. Silently I feel the arm pull me back to allow the new person to enter without problem.

I hear a quiet almost purring voice lash out “Why do men always look for violence when they should just lay still and be quiet?”

Feeling the pressure on my chest and throat ease I slowly turn round to face the purring voice. “Why do you violate my personal space Mynxee?” I ask, “Do you get some kind of thrill out of asserting yourself?”

“Why do you feel the need to surround yourself with relics from a dissolving Pirate coalition?” she shot back. “Sansha access codes for your security access, Sansha designed ships which are packed to the hull with Sansha’s modified modules. And why do you always wear that ridiculous cowl? Just what are you hiding Jorge?”

Inwardly cringing that she knew so much about my habits the Anger that was building up over being asked so many personal questions in the situations I was thrust into reached a climax. “What I spend my time doing and with whatever technology, ship or implant is not your business” As I stormed out of the balcony’s door portal.

Shae looks at Mynxeee Bemused. “ So do you always play with your prey that way?”

Mynxee flashed a devious smile and replied, “Well, sometimes after the cat catches the mouse and after having a bit of fun with it will let it go only to catch it over and over again. I think this particular mouse will be a lot of fun to continue to play around with”.


Mynxee said...

Hmmmmm. *looks at descriptor in sidebar* "Harlot"? *checks wallet balance* Really?! I must be doing it wrong. Maybe it's the knife. I don't know. You should probably get that twitchy trigger finger under control, darlin.

Sard Caid said...

Not bad.

Great fiction so far, seems like I have a new blagger to follow.