Friday, February 20, 2009

Dark Omen Chapter 1

With a heavy sigh I dropped the pack from my shoulder and removed my Cowl, my quarters at the Evati 7-1 station dark and lifeless after my month-long absence. I had gone on a sabbatical to try and pitch my wits alone in the universe only to find loneliness and regret. After I had started the long trek home from Aridia I had contacted RoninData about a possible re-commision into The Bastards Corporation to find I would be welcomed back with a cunning smile and welcoming arms.

Walking down the corridors I feel all eyes wander to me as I walk by, a Dark and brooding figure, Never showing my face in public, I preferred it that way, means people can never get to close if they can’t put a face to the name or voice. Finally I walk through the heavy airlock to find my hanger in a sorry barren state; all the techs and mechanics had long gone leaving a half built Vengeance Assault Frigate in one corner, a complete but poorly fitted Punisher next to it and finally, sitting on the closest set of markings to the giant bay doors was my lowly Flagship ‘Depreciator’.

With a Grimace I set about getting my pod hoisted into its control port aboard the Omen Cruiser while radioing the local crew haunts seeing if there was anyone available for hire at such short notice, thankfully there was and with them aboard and at their stations I undocked the Glistening Cruiser and set course for Eifer.

Slicing through space towards my destination I began to feel at ease with the underpowered and creaky cruiser. The Amarr navy had touted it as a great Laser platform for either close range or Sniper but it did poorly at both and with substandard armor and fitting ability compared to its rival the Thorax. Few pilots used them preferring the Powerful Arbitrator or the rock solid Maller but I was stuck in this sorry excuse for a cruiser.

I finally arrived and jumped to my favorite Scanning spot in the middle of the system, an Ishkur Assault Frigate of Gallente origin appeared on my scanners. Quickly I narrowed the Pocket drone carrier down to a belt and launched my ship only to fall short of his craft by 36km. Cursing myself I tried to align to him and lit my Afterburners throwing my Omen towards him, I need not have bothered as his intentions were clear before we even reached 30km as he had already locked and released a swarm of Hobgoblin Drones of the Tech 2 variety.

I ordered the crew to brace for ballistics as the Advanced drones peppered my hull with munitions, our distance getting ever closer, at 20km I lit him up and fired my First volley from my Scorch equipped Focused Medium pulse lasers stripping him of his shields, a second volley hit for half his armor and he swooped under my gums optimal. 

Cursing heavily at my mistake I ordered the release of my 3 warrior II drones and yelled for gunnery to switch to Navy Issue Multifrequency crystals as I watched on helplessly while the nimble frigate danced around me so close it felt like I could almost reach out and touch it. Finally everyone reported in that they had completed these tasks just as my armor plates were giving into the incessant battering and with a roar I ordered all my drones as well as my now closer optimal guns to fire full bore into the Assault ship, rocking it sideways and I punctured its armor and into hull. As I was hitting 60% structural integrity the Ishkur gave a sigh as its own structure imploded and threw its pilots pod clear of the wreckage.

Swooping my flaming Cruiser close to the smoldering hulk of twisted Tritanium and electronic parts I start to scoop the now complacent drones and few undamaged modules and set my destination to Evati, victorious but even more aware of my shortcomings.

As my crew made their way off the battered cruiser I paid them, pulled my cowl back over my head throwing my face into shadows and wearily dragged myself back to my quarters.

As I reach the portal to my quarters the door to the next suite over to mine swooshed open to reveal two brazen and delectable women from our fellow Alliance Corporation the Hellcats exiting. Spying me they whispered something together as they walked by and I managed to catch a few words about a Hot Tub before my portal door closed behind me and I drowned my sorrows with Scotch blotting out the memories and let the nightmares return.


Mynxee said...

Ahhhhh, yes....nothing like a long hot soak after a hard day in the pod, baby.

Nice post...I want to do more solo stuff. I NEED to do more solo stuff. Eifer seems like a fertile place do so.

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