Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Small Roams

So While I was waiting for the skills to complete I Clone jumped back to Evati, Headed to Eifer in a Vengeance to hunt with Kane but nothing came of it.

Flash was FCing a small Roam so I decided to meet up with them and see if I could get anything. finally met up with them as Mr Frog got a hit on a Rupture so we all bundled up onto that and killed that, was nice seeing myself the Top Damage dealer as well as getting the final blow.

Soon after that we spied a Sleipnir but were to slow to get him but we managed to scram his Hurricane which was salvaging, I Started to apply my Lasers with Scorch crystals and he amazingly ejected! so we scored a free Hurricane which Mynxee took off of our hands for a very welcome immediate payout of my share.

And now I just took out Two Harpies with some of the Bastards, geting a 30mil pod Ransom from ALvaChi USA so all in all jumping back to Hiematar was a good business day!

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