Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Moving on.

Since leaving The Bastards and going it alone i've not only reduced the hours of actual time i'm playing but i've changed my base of operations 3 times and have finally settled on a place whihc is busy enough to get kills but not so bad that i'm getting ganked. I've also had some pretty harsh losses as well...

first of all there have been a couple of rifter losses, the second I had to run AFK and lost not only that Rifter but also a pod with a full set of low grade Halo implants as well as about 150mil worth of hardwires.... stupid I know.

however, getting back on my feet I helped a couple of guys out with a Scorpion and a Drake the other day and tonight I finished the night of with a combination of a Caracal and Rupture from the same corp ratting together. not bad I say.

lets hope Next week turns out to be as good as the end of this one.


Anonymous said...

Heres to a better week :)

everamblings said...

A roof over your head, steady pay, three meals per day. Sounds to me like the military life might have some appeal to you in your current situation Jorge.

Look me up.

Sard Caid said...

The hell? Why don't I get invitations for dinner and a night over?