Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OOC: Change

the last couple of weeks has been very taxing, real life stuff has been a major factor in my lack of posting as well as some serious adjustments in my eve playing.

Firstly, I have again retired from the Bastards corporation. it is my opinion that the corp dynamic has significantly changed from when I joined them and quite frankly, I wasn't enjoying playing anymore. Corps change and evolve and you either evolve with them or you make a decision to wish them the best and carry on doing things your way. I chose the latter and have slowly started to get back into the saddle and begin to enjoy logging in again. Quite simply I didn't want to change in the way the corp was.

Secondly, work has been off the rails these last couple of weeks, hence the time between Part 5 and Part 6, part 6 IS in the works but until work calms down its going to be tough to get it written.

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Kane Rizzel said...

The verse changes and so do we.

Good luck dude, see you in space