Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The end of Requiem Savage

I distractedly watched Galnet safely tucked away in my pod in my Pilgrim 'Requiem Savage' the roam I was finishing up on had been uneventful and i found myself getting distracted from the actual flying of the ship. suddenly I hear the shrill of the lock warning alarm. loading the hud and sensors up I swore. A Huginn Combat Recon had Webbed and Scrammed me, firing projectile rounds as well as missiles at me while its own drones buzzed around me angrily.

realizing my mistake of not paying attention I had not reactivated cloak when i had jumped through a gate and now faced a tough challenge, locking back I released a flight of Vespa EC600 drones in the hopes of being able to get a jam cycle off and escape to freedom. sadly the Drones were never able to get a jam cycle off and with my armor rep keeping me stable at about 60% integrity all looked good to just wait it out for a jam cycle.

My plan soon evaporated into chaos when a Hurricane warped in and promptly laid down additional web and scram. slowly but surely my armor dipped and then my hull dropped at a more rapid pace and Requiem Savage disintegrated into the night. I piloted my pod the 1 jump i had left before I would have hit my home system and docked up. ignoring everyone in the station I retired to my private quarters to lick my wounds and study what I did wrong and what I could have done better.

My most stupid loss yet. I have no problem with the loss in itself, but what I do have a problem with is my own lack of concentration when at the helm of such an exotically loaded out ship. the loss was unacceptable and while the only thing I could have done is actually tried to attack the Huginn instead of trying to evade it I did not and that cost me a very well fitted and usable ship. I have no doubts about the fitting. the ship is sound. the problem I have in this case resides between the neural interface and the pod goop holding him in one piece. i.e. Myself. Lesson Learned.


Mynxee said...

How come you couldn't burn back to the gate? I mean, yeah you were webbed...but? *sigh* Tough loss.

Jorge Belda said...

my speed WITH AB on was 35m/s there was no 'burn' heh

it was a tough loss for sure but the lesson learned was a good one.