Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Beginnings

So whats been happening in the world of Jorge? well, I left The Bastards and decided to go solo. While i have nothing against the Bastards - they are a pretty awesome corp I feel the need for freedom, no corp politics, no corp territory, just me, my ship and the unwilling targets I find.

Yesterday I moved most of the Ships and modules I need to my current staging area in preparation for a rather long roam I plan to do this will be a LONG roam, i'm talking a week or 2 no-stop roaming with no set destination, choosing my targets and generally trying to get down and dirty with what it means to be a pirate in the purest form - sailing the open waters looking for targets of opportunity.

THis great roam will hopefully kick off in a week or so once I get all the logistics of such an operation set up - choosing the right ship, setup, ammo etc.  until then i'm simply looking to do a little bit of solo roaming around the local area.

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